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In the vibrant world of festivals, organizing an event is an immense task that requires careful planning and organisation. An essential part is booking hotel accommodation for artists and their crew. This is where Preferred Hotel Reservations plays an indispensable role. An experienced team of specialists (including Nina, Lise & Marlies) ensures that everything runs smoothly so that the organisers can fully understand other factors.

The specialists at Preferred Hotel Reservations understand that every artist and crew has unique requirements and wishes and are happy to take this into account. We work closely with festival organizers to find the perfect accommodation that meets the specific needs of each group. From luxurious suites for VIP artists to comfortable and quiet rooms for the crew, everything is arranged down to the last detail. The careful selection of hotels is an optimal mix of comfort, safety and proximity to the festival site.

Nina, one of the dedicated entertainment team members, is known for her personal approach, quick response and eye for detail. She ensures that every guest receives a warm welcome and feels at home, regardless of how far they are from home. Her in-depth knowledge of the hotel industry and her network of contacts enable her to quickly and efficiently find suitable accommodations and confirm them for her clients.

Lise, with her financial experience in the festival industry, excels at managing last-minute changes and unforeseen circumstances. Festivals are dynamic events where plans can change quickly. Lise’s problem-solving skills ensure that every change is handled smoothly without compromising the comfort of the guests. Her calmness under pressure and quick response provide peace of mind for both the organizers and thus also the artists and crew themselves.

Marlies, the last key person in the entertainment team, plays a crucial role in coordinating all aspects surrounding hotel reservations. From finding the right location to negotiating the best conditions and rates and monitoring cancellation deadlines, Marlies ensures that everything is arranged down to the last detail. Her proactive approach and strategic thinking make her an indispensable link in the success of Preferred Hotel Reservations.

Together, this team forms a strong pillar on which festival organizers trust and can build. They understand that a good night’s sleep and a comfortable place to stay are essential for performers’ performance and crew well-being. Preferred Hotel Reservations offers a total package of services that goes beyond just booking rooms – they provide a complete, worry-free experience that contributes to the success of the festival.

So, for festival organizers looking for reliable and professional help in reserving hotel accommodation for artists and crew, Preferred Hotel Reservations is the ideal partner. Their dedication and expertise ensure that every festival runs smoothly, from backstage to the main stage.

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Nina Koemans
Nina Koemans
4 June 2024
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