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As we here at Preferred celebrate our 25th anniversary, we thought, let’s tackle this with a fresh new website! We’re calling this year our “year of the fresh breeze,” and what better way to embody that spirit than by giving our online visibility a serious boost?

The journey to our new website has been an amazing experience, with a team of dedicated rockstars pouring their creativity, knowledge, and passion into it. It’s high time we give them a big shoutout!

Finding the right partners is crucial, and we nailed it with Wsupply. Their team of enthusiastic, creative, and professional folks made a huge impression on us from day one. The collaboration was seamless, and their dedication to quality was truly fantastic. Thank you!

Also, a big shoutout to Sandra Stokmans Photography, the top photographer who brought our website to life with her beautiful images. Thank you, Sandra, for capturing the essence of Preferred so wonderfully!

Harry Gentenaar from Studio HG and Jette van Diepen from Gradient also deserve a big thumbs up. Harry even rolled up his sleeves from his vacation spot to meet the deadline. And Jette is the brains behind the SEO strategy, not immediately visible but crucial nonetheless. Super organized, clear in your communication and planning. That was really great. Thank you!

And let’s not forget Jesper, who during his 10-month internship from Stenden took on the challenge of getting our new website up and running. A hefty task where he could really showcase his creativity, collaboration skills, and planning talent. Jesper, huge thanks!

Within our Preferred team, various members joined forces with Jesper to form the project team, divide tasks, and work towards one goal. It was amazing to see everyone leveraging their talents and enthusiasm to create something awesome!

Dive into our new website and let us know what you think. Your feedback is invaluable for us to keep evolving.

To everyone who played a role: thank you very much! Here’s to the next chapter of Preferred, where we’ll continue to innovate, inspire, and exceed expectations. Cheers to teamwork!

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Wendy Wessels
Wendy Wessels
22 May 2024
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