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Preferred, founded in 1999 by Wendy Wessels, is the market leader in the Netherlands as an independent hotel specialist. An enthusiastic, dedicated, and experienced team of hotel specialists is ready every day to advise you. They offer accommodations that best suit the wishes and needs of your request. With an eye for sustainability, the latest developments, and trends, the team gladly puts the slogan 'No request too large, no detail too small' into practice! Whether it's a hotel for a conference, an ideal location for a business meeting, a serviced apartment for a longer stay, or a quiet place to relax after a long day at work: Preferred is here for you!

Preferred stands for excellent service, collaboration, and peace of mind. The satisfaction of clients and partners is always paramount! Are you interested in a possible collaboration? Then schedule an appointment with us now to discuss the possibilities.

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Team Preferred

Wendy Wessels

Managing Director

Wendy is an enthusiastic entrepreneur with an enormous passion for hotels. The challenge of offering the right accommodation for every request under the best conditions is her goal together with a team that shares her passion.

Lise de Jong

Senior Hotel Consultant – team Entertainment

Lise is loyal, reliable, analytical and clear! Likes walking in nature, relaxing with a sauna visit and figures, but less likes uncertainty!

Nina Koemans

Senior Hotel Consultant – team Entertainment

Social, organizational talent and an eye for detail! Loves pub quizzes, padel and eating out, but likes change a little less!

Marlies Koelemeijer

Senior Hotel Consultant - Allround

Marlies is a true multi-tasker, knows everything that is going on and is (almost) always cheerful, but she cannot tolerate injustice very well. She enjoys spending time with her family in her private life, enjoys playing handball and loves to cook!

Esther Kruijswijk

Senior Hotel Consultant - team Corporate

Esther Kruijswijk is versatile, a real go-getter and is our meeting specialist. She likes sports, prints in her clothes, having a drink in the weekend, but is a little less into online meetings (just call her, or meet her in real life).

Feyrus Amare


Feyrus is numerical, structured and has good focus, but be careful if you don't pay...! Loves eating out, playing badminton and knows everything about music and films!

Fleur Haije

Hotel Consultant - team Congresses

Fleur is always sweet, the undisputed social media specialist and knows everything about every conference, but does not like unreasonableness. You can see Fleur in the latest model of electric car, has an eye for fashion and goes to the cinema very regularly.

Jesper Stolk

Junior Hotel Consultant

Jesper can bring many projects to successful results at the same time, often finds himself in online meetings and takes the (online) visibility of Preferred to a higher level. He plays football at the weekend as a goalkeeper, organizes great parties and is a very good cook.

Esther Knemeijer

Hotel Consultant - team Congresses

Esther Knemeijer is always focused, is calm and likes to get to grips with things, and does not rush into matters overnight. Races to the office within 3 minutes on her electric bike, likes to eat with friends and family and enjoys long-distance travel!

No request too large, no detail too small

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